Fees and Fines

Registration Fee Exemptions

Senior citizens age 65 are eligible to receive an annual exemption of the registration fee for one dog and/or one cat per household. 

Fees and Fines


1-Year Registration Fee (per animal)

Altered (spayed or neutered)$18.00$12.00
Unaltered (not spayed or neutered)$36.00$24.00

3-Year Registration Fee (per animal)

Altered (spayed or neutered)$38.00$25.00
Unaltered (not spayed or neutered)$76.00$50.00

Apprehension, Impoundment and Boarding

Apprehension (per animal)$40.00$40.00
2nd Subsequent Apprehension (same animal, 2nd time)$80.00$80.00
3rd Subsequent Apprehension (same animal, 3rd time)$120.00$120.00
Impound Fee$25.00$25.00
Boarding, feeding, and care (per day)$12.00$12.00
Running at Large (IL mandated Public Safety Fine)$25.00N/A
Running at Large (Lee County Fine)$100.00N/A
Each subsequent Running at Large violation - additional:$50.00

Miscellaneous Services

Microchip insertion and documentation$35.00$35.00
Ownership Relinquishment Fee$75.00$75.00
Warden Assistance Fee (per animal)$50.00$50.00

Adoption* Fee

The Adoption Fee includes micro-chipping, spaying/neutering, rabies vaccination, distemper combination, and worming and flea treatments, if needed.  It does not include registration fee.