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Visiting Information

The New Lee County Jail uses SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES as its Inmate Phone System, Remote Video Visitation System and an On-Site Video Visitation System. Questions you may call their toll free number 800-844-6591 or visiting their website https://securustech.net

As of March 20th 2020 the Lee County Jail has suspended ON SITE VISITATION for inmates.  Do to the Illinois Governor’s Executive Order which prohibits NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL which would include visiting inmates.  This suspension will be in force until the EO is lifted or changed.

The use of “Home Visits” through Securus Technologies is a possibility however there is a fee for that visit and you will need to register to use the Home Visit system.

The On-Site Video Visitation System will be available on Saturday OR Sunday’s from 7:30am till 11:00am and 12:30pm till 4:30pm. An inmate is only allowed 1 On-Site Video Visitation per weekend. The On-Site Video Visitation is for friends/families who have been placed on the inmate’s approved visitation list. If you are not on that list, you will not be allowed to visit.   You will also need to bring a valid ID to the onsite visit. To schedule for an On-Site Video Visitation, you MUST schedule 24 hours in advance by going to http://videovisitanywhere.com and select Schedule On-Site Visit.

On the day of your scheduled visit:

  • It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit.
  • Have a valid photo ID for you and any and all additional visitors that will be accompanying you (they also must be on the inmates approved visitation list).
  • If the visiting area is unoccupied you may be authorized to enter the visitation area and log into the system.
  • You may schedule any future visits up to 3 weeks before or after your visits.
  • No persons under 18 will be allowed to visit without parent or legal guardian present.
  •  Remote Video Visitation System will be available 7 days a week 7:00am till 9:30pm except between 11:30am and 12:30pm and 4:30pm and 5:30pm. You will need to ENROLL AND CREATE an account (unless you already have an account) with SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES at http://videovisitanywhere.com

    Here is a link to 3 videos to Create an Account, sign up for video visit, and scheduling a visit.