Subdivision Regulations

The Zoning Department is responsible for regulating the division of land in the unincorporated areas of Lee County.

Platting Land

  • Preliminary Plat - A preliminary plat showing the layout concept of a tract of land; including streets, lots and other improvements, must be approved prior to submission of a final plat of land to be divided. Once a preliminary plat is approved, portions of the plat may be submitted in phases for final plat approval, or the plat may be submitted in its entirety for final plat approval. The preliminary plat process includes an initial staff review and a hearing in front of the Planning Committee of the County Board.
  • Final Plat - Approval of the final plat is the responsibility of the Zoning administrator. Once a final plat of a subdivision is approved and recorded in the office of the County Clerk, the newly created lots may be conveyed by lot description.
  • One Lot Subdivision - Even one lot subdivisions must often be approved by the County. In some instances, the single lot will be exempt from meeting subdivision regulations. In others, the one lot subdivision may be approved by the Planning Commission.

Subdivision Ordinance

Go to the Subdivision Ordinance for more information.