Zoning Board Members and Terms

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a five-member board organized under the zoning ordinance to hear several types of zoning issues These include:

  • Request for changes in zoning classification
  • Permission for certain uses under zoning names as "special uses" in the zoning ordinance
  • Request for variance of the zoning ordinance
  • Appeal of a determination made by the zoning administrator
Bruce Forster - Chair 1625 Pump Factory Road, Dixon 815-440-3104  4/11/24
Craig Buhrow - Vice 2374 Pipeline Road, West Brooklyn 815-739-4631 4/10/25
Mike Pratt 1151 IL Rt 38, Dixon 815-739-4799 4/11/23
Gene Bothe 1392 Robbins Road, Franklin Grove 815-622-3875 4/11/22
Glen Hughes 603 N Galena Avenue, Apt. B, Dixon 779-861-2964 4/11/22
Rex Meyer - Alternate 641 Hoyle Road, Harmon 815-631-5369 4/11/22