What about courtroom dress and times?

You must present yourself clean and dressed in modest clothing. Lewd messages on clothing will not be tolerated, nor will suggestive clothing be permitted to be worn in court. 

Be on Time

Please be on time. Tardiness reflects badly upon you with the court and in some instances could result in your bond being revoked. If your bond is revoked you may well be arrested and held in the county jail until your case is finished. In the event you are ill or have other problems affecting your ability to come to court, you must contact your attorney as soon as possible to see whether your case can be postponed and continued to another date. Don't assume your lawyer will be able to have your case rescheduled to a new date simply because you have called in asking for a postponement.

Understand that most judges require doctors excuses and/or some form of proof to substantiate a request for a postponement of your court date. Last-minute calls regarding sudden illness, car trouble and lack of transportation usually result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.

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