Lee County Jail





Lee County Jail Information

122 West 3rd Street
Dixon, IL 61021

Visiting Information:

  • Saturdays or Sundays from 7:30am - 10:30 am ( First come first served system and visiting ends promptly at 10:30am)
  • Each detainee is allowed one 15 minute visit per weekend which means they only get 15 minutes no matter how many visitors show up.
  • All visitors must be 17 years old or accompanied by their parent
  • All visiting are subject to recording or monitoring.
  • Lewd behavior or any behavior that disrupts the visiting process will be told to leave and will banned from visiting any inmate

Inmate Mail information:

  • All incoming and outgoing mail is subject to inspection
  • All letters must be address to the detainee at 122 West 3rd Street, Dixon, IL 61021
  • Mail must have a return address and name or it will be disposed of
  • Money orders made payable to the inmate must be mailed (cash can be deposited anytime via the KIOSK machine in vestibule)
  • The Lee County Jail does not deliver personal messages to inmates

Bonding Information:

  • Cash is accepted (no personal checks) Exact amount only no change is given.
  • For large bond amounts, Certified Bank Checks are accepted payable to the Lee County Circuit Clerk
  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express are accepted with a 7% non refundable fee. click here for details for GovPayNet.

Phone Calls/Receiving phone calls

    • Securus is the phone system Lee County Jail uses for inmate use. 800-644-6591 for customer service.  Click here for their website for other information.
    • Inmates can make collect calls to regular landlines
    • Inmates can make calls to cell phones who can pay instantly with a credit card or setting up an account with Securus
    • Inmates can use money from their personal jail account to make phone calls
    • All phone calls are subject to recording and monitoring

  • To find out an inmates court information click Full Court Enterprise or call the Lee County Circuit Clerk at 815-284-5234.
  • The Lee County Jail does not give out Court Date Information

Misc Information:

  • Cash can be dropped off anytime to the KIOSK machine inside the vestibule.  It takes cash or Credit/Debit and a $2 fee will be assessed for each deposit.
  • The Lee County Jail does not deliver notes, letters not mailed, or messages to inmates.  Please make other arrangements
  • Inmates may receive up to 7 photos by U.S. Mail that are not of the polaroid type, have alcohol/drug use, gang symbols/signs, any lewd or provocative in nature depicted in the photos.

Victim Notification Information:

  • If you are a victim in a crime or you just want to be notified when when a detainee gets released from jail, click VineLink and register to be notified by their service.

Misc Links:

Lee County Jail Population List:

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