State's Attorney - Child Support

                                                         IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE

If you think that you may be eligible for Child Support Enforcement, please contact the State’s Attorney’s Office. We will need to review any court orders regarding child support and will need to know:

The number of supported children.

Their names and dates of birth.

The names and current address of the person obligated to support them.

We will need to be provided with a copy of:

Any and all court order(s) setting:

The amount of child support

The amount of any arrearage

Any petition(s) and court order(s) seeking to enforce payments, such as contempt proceedings.

The name and address of any attorney who has been representing you.

Any support payment record available at either the office of the Circuit Clerk

or the State Disbursement Unit.

                                                    CRIMINAL PROSECUTION

Criminal prosecution is limited by several factors, primarily, the places of residence of the father, the mother, and the children.   Where the supporting parent lives outside of Lee County, prosecution is extremely limited. The County Board has limited the budget of the State’s Attorney’s Office which directly results in a limited capacity to pursue deadbeat supporting parents.

                                                 PURSUIT OF CHILD SUPPORT
The Attorney General of Illinois maintains regional offices throughout the State for the purpose of collecting child support and this is in conjunction with the Department of Human Services.

You should contact either:

Department of Human Services
200 Washington Street
Lower Core Center
Oregon, IL 6l061
Phone: 815/732-2166


Office of the Attorney General
200 S. Wyman Street, Suite 307B
Rockford, IL 61101
Phone: 815/987-7981
FAX:    815/987-7948