License Fees

$15.00 per year or $35.00 for 3 years of all neutered male dogs and spayed female dogs.

$30.00 per year or $58.00 for 3 years for all unaltered male and female dogs.

All license expire at the same time as the rabies vaccination. The tag fee for all puppies under 9 months of age is $15.00.  Senior citizens age 65 and older will receive a one dog per household exemption on tax per year. Owners with animals trained to assist them with disabilities shall have the license fees waived.

Additional Fees

There shall be a fee assessed for requesting the assistance of the Lee County animal control warden in tranquilizing and/or transporting an animal to a veterinarian. These fees shall be found in section 5-1-13 of this chapter. (Ord. 05-07-017, 5-15-2007)