Adoption Program

Many unwanted animals are given a second chance through the pet adoption program.  Adopting a pet from the Lee County Animal Facility is often an excellent alternative for those looking to acquire a companion.  To view the current animals available for adoption, please visit Lee County Animal Control facebook page.



  1. When an animal is adopted, the pound manager shall have the person seeking to adopt an animal fill out forms concerning adoption, including consent to having the animal spayed/neutered and inoculated for rabies. (Ord. 12-97-008, 12-16-1997)
  2. The fee for adoption shall be as stated in section 5-1-13 of this chapter. (Ord. 05-07-016, 5-15-2007)
  3. Lee County shall not be responsible for the animal after adoption. There will be no guarantees/refunds with regard to adoptions and Lee County will not accept an animal back once a period of seven (7) days has gone by since adoption. (Ord. 12-97-008, 12-16-1997)