All traffic citations written in Lee County are processed by the Circuit Clerk's Office. The Circuit Clerk also processes citations written for ordinance and conservation violations. Citations are received by the clerk and are entered into a computer system with a court date that has been previously specified by the police officer. Information available on this page includes:

  • Location and Phone Numbers
  • Court Costs and Fines
  • Court Diversion and Supervision
  • Important Information
  • Record Searches
  • Payments

This service is designed to make the disposition of your "No Court Appearance Required" traffic ticket or other "Court Payable Matters" as simple and convenient as possible.
You can now pay your traffic ticket on-line by going to the following site: CitePay USA

This above link will take you off-site to an E-Pay website created for the Lee County Circuit Clerk.  Please read and follow the directions carefully, to insure that you qualify to utilize e-pay and that your transaction is successful.

Traffic Court Location:

Court for these violations is held in one place:

Lee County Courthouse
309 South Galena Avenue
Dixon, IL. 61021
(815) 284-5230

Court Costs and Fines:

The following is a list of total costs for various minor traffic violations in Lee County. These costs are subject to change without notice:

  • Speeding 1-20 MPH above limit - $120.00
  • Speeding 21-25 MPH above limit - $140.00
  • Seat belt violation - $60.00
  • No valid registration - $120.00
  • Improper passing on left - $120.00
  • Improper traffic lane usage - $120.00
  • Improper passing on shoulder - $120.00
  • Improper turn signal - $120.00
  • Failure to reduce speed - $120.00
  • Change lanes without signal - $120.00
  • Failure to obey stop sign - $120.00
  • Defective windshield - $120.00
  • Disregard traffic control device - $120.00
  • Electronic communication device violation - $120.00

Note: payment of these citations alone does NOT prevent the violation from being reported to the Secretary of State. Please refer to Court Diversion and Supervision below for more information.

Court Diversion and Supervision:

Traffic citations do not always require a court appearance. The officer will indicate on the face of the ticket whether a court appearance is necessary. When a traffic citation is issued and does not require a court appearance, the offender has three options in which to dispose of the ticket:

  1. Option A: plead guilty and pay the fine in person or by mail without coming to court
  2. Option B: plead not guilty, request a trial and appear in court
  3. Option C: plead guilty, received supervision and attend traffic school without going to court.

Not everyone is eligible for Option C. The offender is only eligible to receive court supervision without coming to court IF:

  • The offender must be over the age of 18, any offender under the age of 18 must go to court to receive supervision and needs to contact our office to set a court date, if offender is over 21 they are eligible for online traffic school which is $75 and the in person class is $50; and
  • The offender has not had court supervision for any violation committed with the previous twelve months from the date of the ticket in this case; and
  • The offender is willing to plead guilty on the traffic ticket, request court supervision, and pay the prescribed fines, costs, and fees for such a violation.
  • If eligible, the offender will complete court supervision successfully without coming to court IF:
  • The offender completes the four hour traffic school course within the specified time of court supervision; and
  • The offender does not receive any additional traffic citations during the supervision period.
  • If supervision is completed successfully, there will be no conviction reported to the Secretary of State.

Record Search:

The traffic division will conduct record searches for those in need of researching the status of previously received traffic citations in Lee County. Record searches are done for a specified period of time and only for citations written in Lee County. There will be a charge assessed to conduct a record search. In addition, there are also a few guidelines to follow when requesting a record search:

  • There is a $4.00 search fee for each year that is requested.
  • Requests for record searches must be done in person at our office or in writing through the mail.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for record searches to be completed.


  • Cash accepted ( please do not send through mail)
  • Money orders, certified checks, and cashiers checks will also be accepted in person or through the mail.
  • Credit/Debit Cards at CitePay USA
  • As of January 1, 2018, our office will NO longer be accepting personal checks

Payments should be mailed to:

Denise McCaffrey
Clerk of the Circuit Court
309 S Galena Ave., Suite 320
Dixon, IL. 61021

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the traffic department and it's policies, call (815) 284-5230.