Child Support

The Civil department that maintains the child support information for Divorce and Family cases is responsible for ensuring all the information that is ordered through the courts is updated and sent to the SDU (State Disbursement Unit) to assure that child support payments are processed accurately.

  • The Child Support department is comprised of accounting clerks who setup and maintain child support payments.
  • Payments can only be setup if a support order (court order directing someone to pay child support) has been approved and signed by a judge.
  • The clerk's only work with support orders that direct payments made for child support. These records reflect both the date and the amount of the payment.

Information on Paying Child Support Payments

Child Support payments are no longer accepted in the Circuit Clerk's office. All payments must be sent to the SDU to be processed and distributed.

There must be a support order that directs payments for child suport in order for the payments to be processed successfully.

In addition to and separate from amounts ordered to be paid as child support or maintenance, the obligor (person responsible for payments) shall pay a $36.00 annual Separate Maintenance and Child Support Collection Fee. This fee is billed each January and is to be paid directly to the Circuit Clerk, not the SDU. The money is collected to offset the expenses for maintaining the records for Divorce and Family cases that involve child support and is by state statute (705 ILCS 105/27.1bb(4)). The fee designated as "Administrative Fee" and checks need to be made payable to the Lee County Circuit Clerk. Please include the case number (account number) to assure proper credit. The obligor may also pay the fee online at by clicking on this link it will take you away from this site and direct you to another website.

Information on Receiving Child Support Payments  

Due to confidentiality of accounts, specific information regarding child support payments will be given over the the telephone when identification is provided (both parties name and case number).

When addresssing questions or concerns over the phone or by mail please make sure either to have or included the payor's name and case number.

If a change in address occurs, it is the responsibility of the recipient to notify the clerk of this change. The clerk will then provide the necessary form for the address change. Name changes can only be done if there is a court order or if a marriage certificate is provided.

Additional Information

The child support clerk's are responsible for keeping a record of all payments. These records include the date and the amount of the payment.

Payment ledgers can be obtained from the Clerk's office for any time period specified. Requests for ledgers must be made one business day in advance. The charge for printing a ledger is $2.00.

Child support can only be terminated by a court order. If someone wishes to have child support terminated they must schedule a court date and request that the judge enter an order directing child support payments to cease.

Increases and decreases in child support can only be done through a court order. If someone is seeking to increase or decrease the amount of child support being paid, they must obtain a court date and request that the judge adjust the amount of child support being paid.