When Calling 911



• Allow the operator to ask the necessary questions. 911 operators are trained to ask particular questions according the the nature of the incoming call. These questions will NOT delay emergency responders from being sent to your location. The operator is trained to dispatch the responder while keeping you on the phone; you just cannot hear them dispatching the call.

• Be prepared to give the following information:
1. the nature of the emergency
2. the location of the emergency
3. your name, address, and phone number
4. description of the persons and/or vehicles involved
5. the direction of travel of person/vehicle

• Be cooperative with the 911 dispatcher and listen to and respond to their questions.

• Be sure to stay on the line unless doing so will place you in danger. Do not hang up until told to do so.

• When calling 911 from a cell phone, be prepared to give the operator your location. Visible landmarks, nearby businesses, nearby intersections and highway/interstate mile markers can be used for pinpointing your location.

• STAY CALM. If the operator cannot understand you, the emergency response may be delayed. Speak clearly and calmly into the phone so that the 911 dispatcher can get help to you as soon as possible.