"Enhanced" 911 System

Lee County Enhanced 911 went on line April 9, 1997. Enhanced landline 911 calls display the name, location and phone number where the 911 call originated as well as the police/fire/ambulance services for that area. Armed with this information, 911 operators will be able to send help to you even if you cannot speak or do not know your address.

Cellular 9-1-1 requires the use of GIS software, mapping and GPS technology in order to locate a 911 caller accurately. Cellular 911 calls do not display emergency responder information or the address of the caller on the 911 screen. Location information from a cellular 911 call depends on information the cell company sends in order to plot the caller's location on a map in the 911 center.

Ongoing maintenance and ensuring that critical data be updated in the E911 computer systems on a daily basis is crucial to the effective operations of any E911 system. Monitoring and quality assurance of all activities in the 9-1-1 Center as well as ongoing training and education saves lives.

Lee County Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) dispatches for all Law, Fire, and Ambulance Services in Lee County. There are currently two full-time and three part-time law enforcement agencies. There are two full-time fire departments with ambulance services and 8 volunteer fire departments.

Lee County PSAP handles all 911 emergency calls for the entire county as well as all non-emergency incoming calls for law enforcement agencies.


YES. All 911 PSAPs in the state of Illinois are required to have TDD capability for communications with hearing impaired and speech impaired persons.